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Thallium kills. It's an order of magnitude more poisonous than arsenic, and just 3 grams of the stuff, less than the weight of a penny, is all that it takes to kill a person. But behind this bullet-proof window called Lucite the little sample within is safe enough that a baby can play with it. Not that that's a good idea, mind you! In addition to being poisonous, thallium is also a finicky metal that is difficult to keep free of surface oxides, becoming leaden gray under oil and degrading to dust in open air. For this reason the 3-5 grams of this thallium sample is kept shiny thanks to being stuck in a glassy prison along with a few trillion atoms' worth of inert argon gas as cell mates.

  • High-grade lucite casing won't yellow or degrade with time
  • Easily decorate your home or office
  • Impress visitors w/ a unique conversation piece


  • Element: thallium
  • Size: 50mm
  • Dimensions: 2"H x 2"L x 2"W


  • Luciteria Lucite Cube (Thallium)


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  • Expected Delivery: May 19 - May 22


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